“Knife Or Your Life” Programme

SkillZONE’s “Knife or Your Life” programme is an intervention aimed at reducing youth violence, county lines involvement and antisocial behavior. Designed for Year 9 students, the programme provides a creative perspective on addressing these pressing issues affecting many youths.

Trips to SkillZONE

Our immersive experiences offer practical insights into various safety scenarios, empowering visitors to make informed decisions in real-life situations. By engaging with our interactive exhibits, participants learn how to recognise risks, prevent accidents and respond effectively to emergencies.

Preparation for Adulthood Programme

The SkillZONE Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) programme is a tailored initiative designed to empower young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) as they transition into adulthood. Through interactive sessions and personalised support, the programme equips participants with essential life skills, safety awareness and confidence to navigate the challenges of adulthood effectively.

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Fire safety and fire setting

If you are concerned about fire safety or a child setting fires please click on the link below:

Fire Safety

Children & Young People With An Interest In Setting Fires

“The sessions have really enabled my class to understand many of the dangers that can often go unnoticed on a daily basis. They are more aware of these, and even on the walk back to school, they were thinking about how they walked, where they walked and how to cross the road.” – a Year 3 teacher at a Gloucester school, January 2024.

“Every time I visit something has been changed in a good way. I really liked the making a 999 call as that is something they cannot do usually. “ – Year 3 & 4 teacher at a Gloucestershire School.

“The children were all really engaged and had a great morning at Skillzone. They all learnt lots from the day and were asking to go back.” – a Year 3 teacher at a Cheltenham school, February 2024.

“Skillzone was an excellent experience for the children they were able to learn safety skills in context and think things through in a way that would not be possible in the classroom.”– Year 6 teacher at a Gloucestershire School, March 2024.

“Amazing trip – children had so much fun whilst learning at the same time. It prepares them moving forward to secondary school as it helps to develop independence and a greater understanding of their choices.” Year 6 teacher at a Gloucestershire School, March 2024.

“The children really benefit from the hands-in, immersive nature of the learning. We are then always able to talk more about it back in the classroom and complete follow up work together.” – a Year 3 & 4 teacher at a Gloucestershire school, February 2024.

A recent teacher said  ” The trip was fantastic, the children learnt lots and I even received an email from parents passing on how fantastic they thought it was because of the response from their child on their return home. “

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