FiredUP 3 Day Courses

Through SkillZONE’s FiredUP programme, we emphasise the importance of fire safety education and raising awareness among participants. Through workshops, training sessions, and educational materials, individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of the dangers and consequences associated with fire, empowering them to make informed choices.

Children’s Workforce

Children’s workforce – information about our education programmes and diversion work for schools and other professionals.

Other Groups

Other groups – early years, foundation & key stage 1 as well as non-school and community groups including home educators and professionals working with families.

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Fire safety and fire setting

If you are concerned about fire safety or a child setting fires please click on the link below:

Fire Safety

Children & Young People With An Interest In Setting Fires

A recent teacher said  ” The trip was fantastic, the children learnt lots and I even received an email from parents passing on how fantastic they thought it was because of the response from their child on their return home. “

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