Covid Resources

Covid Resources

SkillZONE has created this page to assist parents, carers and teachers with lots of extra information and resources during COVID-19. Please click on each link to access many educational tools.

Fire Setter Intervention

Talking to a young person early on is vital to stop the firesetting habit as quickly as possible. Firesetting is dangerous and we can help to explain the dangers and consequences to the young person in a sensitive and informed manner using appropriate resources.  Early intervention is essential.
Click here to visit SkillZONE firesetter information

Road safety during COVID-19

How to keep safe when your family are out and about during COVID-19, If you’ve been out walking recently, you’ll have noticed changes in how we are using roads and pavements.


Click here – to visit Brake Zebras 
Brake Zebra provides free tools, activities and knowledge to support children as they try to find out more about road safety.

You and your family’s wellbeing

Schools being closed and not being able to go out can make it a very difficult time for anyone experiencing domestic abuse. If you are worried that you or someone you know is experiencing abuse there are things you can do to keep safe.
Click the image to download the PDF for more information

Practical tips for good washing of hands

We have all seen and heard the advice on washing of hands during COVID-19 and the importance of doing this correctly.

Here are some ways the whole family can get involved.
Click here –  to watch the NHS Washing Hands Song 

Click here –  to visit the e-bug webpages 

Click on the image to visit the NHS hand washing guidance

Internet Safety

Whilst you and your family are at home more, your children may also be online more. Here are some useful websites to visit to find out more about staying safe online.

Click here –  to visit the thinkuknow website for great resources and information 

Click here –  to visit the NSPCC Online Safety information pages  

Click here –  to visit Parent Zone – The be internet legends hub  

Online harm and young people

Some fantastic resources have been developed by The Marie Collins Foundation and NWG Network to support parents and professionals understand online harm and ways to effectively help and support young people.

Click here –  parents leaflet

Click here –  professionals leaflet 

Additional useful information

Download the Child Accident Prevention Trust Parent Pack – it’s full of quick wins that can help put you in charge of child safety, even when you’re feeling under pressure.

There are some fun activity sheets at the back of the pack for your child to enjoy.

PDF Download – Click on the image to download the CAPT parent pack

Coronavirus – A book for children

A fantastic book to help start conversations with children about Coronavirus.

PDF Download – Click on the image to download ‘Coronavirus – A book for children’

Department of Education have released online science, PE, wellbeing and SEND resources for home education.

Click here –  to visit the Department of Education resources  

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families also have a fantastic online support centre.

Click here –  to visit Anna Freud Coronavirus Support   

Virtual Safe+Sound

During the current lockdown situation Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service will be offering a virtual Safe+Sound, a weekly programme from the Safe+Sound team and partners. The programme starts on Wednesday 6th May at 10am and will continue at the same time every Wednesday.

Topics will include:

  • Fire Safety
  • Dealing with accidents and emergencies in the home
  • Relaxation, massage and emotional wellbeing
  • Railway safety/trespass
  • Water safety
  • Road safety
  • Internet safety

Virtual Safe+Sound can be accessed on Learn Live every Wednesday at 10am.