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Feedback from Online Survey – September & October 2023

The results of a recent SkillZONE survey, designed to gather visitor experience data, are in, and WOW, we couldn’t be prouder!

Volunteers, please take a moment to read just a handful of some of the most amazing visitor experiences. They’re all thanks to you and the incredible work you do for your local community.

“A big thank you to all the volunteers for their enthusiasm and professionalism. Our children loved their experience at SKILLZONE, they learnt a lot and enjoyed their visit immensely.”

“An excellent visit – the children were fully engaged throughout and learnt a huge amount from the very realistic experiences.”

“Brilliant morning – thanks. The staff were great – speaking individually by name.”

“Thank you so much. It was a truly fantastic morning – all the staff were just brilliant. Year 5 will remember this forever!”

“We had a great time and the parents reported that the beavers has all turned into to health and safety officers when they got home!! Thank you.”

“A fantastic visit and I can’t wait to see the further updates next time we come!”

“We very much enjoyed the visit. The students would benefit from a further visit.”

“Our pupils are very unique in lots of ways and staff were accommodating to this. The practical applications were amazing, the pupils loved the burnt out rooms and the dark alley. I’m very excited to visit again with more of our students.”

“Thanks for adapting to the needs of our SEN pupils!”

“Thank you. It is an incredibly valuable experience – The children were buzzing when we did a follow up activity back at school. Much appreciated.”

“Amazing opportunity for children to learn invaluable key life skills! Enthusiastic team.”

“An enriching, educational experience that has put the children in a strong position to embark on their next adventure at secondary school.”

“This is a brilliant facility, which fully enhances children’s understanding and awareness.”

“This is an excellent learning opportunity to help our children take responsibility for their safety – thank you!”

“Thank you. All of our children had a brilliant time and all of them came away from SkillZone with more awareness and life skills that will continue with them in life.”

“I’m sure that pupils will make safer choices as a result of today.”

“An excellent real life opportunity for children to see ways to stay safe and ultimately save their lives as well as others.”

“It was a really valuable experience and the children definitely made better, safer choices because of what they learnt. Thank you!”

“Amazing facility! Realistic scenarios. A great help for the children see exactly what risks there were and transfer this into everyday life.”

Amazing facilities supporting all life skills important to our young people today. Volunteers amazing and communication on how visit will be completed, clear and precise, thank you


You are AWESOME!!!