Educational Resources

Welcome to our educational resources for early years, reception and key stage 1

Please feel free to download any of these resources.  The smoke alarm and escape plan documents are ideal for sharing with parents and carers, and we would be grateful if you could share them either via paper or electronic means.  This will help us to get vital safety information into the children’s homes.  Thank you.

So that we can evaluate how useful you have found the materials and consider how to develop further content we may contact you in a few weeks’ time with a short questionnaire.  We value your comments, however if you do not wish to be contacted please let us know.

Kind regards

Louise, Young Persons Support Officer

Early Years Resources

Early Years Resources Contains
Hot And Cold Introduction
Hot And Cold Flashcards
Matches And Lighters Never Touch
Smoke Alarms Information PDF
Escape Plan Information PDF
Fire Engine PowerPoint Presentation

Download as a Zip file below  or click more info button to download individual files.

Key Stage 1 Resources

Key Stage 1 Resources Contains
People Who Help Us
Great Fire Of London
School Fire Drill
Get Out Stay Out
Smoke Alarms
Escape Plan
Fire Engine Powerpoint

Download as a Zip file below  or click more info button to download individual files.

Bonfire Night / Firework Safety

Firework Night Safety
Firework Night Safety

Tips on how to dress safely for firework night

Sparkler Safety
Sparkler Safety

Tips on staying safe around sparklers

Bonfire Night Assembly (Video)

We do not support or encourage the burning of model houses as part of this topic, and we strongly urge teachers not to consider this as a suitable activity. Evidence has shown that this type of activity contradicts the “never play with fire” message and can lead to an increase in curiosity fire setting amongst children ( link to PDF Statement).

Bonfire Night / Firework Safety Contains
Firework Night Safety
Sparkler Safety
Bonfire Night Assembly (Video)