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We are sorry but we are no longer able to offer visits to early years settings.  We have put together some materials to help you deliver your own fire education session in your nursery or playgroup.

Buttons the monkey has hurt his arm.  He did this by playing with some matches that he found.  He forgot that matches get hot, and that hot things can hurt you.

We can help Buttons remember about hot and cold by playing a “hot / cold” game with some flash cards.

If you’d like to do this with your children, pop a bandage on a toy or puppet and talk about what s/he has done.  Then play a hot/cold game with the children to remind everybody which items get hot and to stay away from them.

(A set of hot/cold cards are available to download from below or feel free to use your own, but please include an image of matches and/or lighters)

After Buttons has remembered about hot and cold, he likes to read his favourite story – The Birthday Surprise*.  This is about keeping away from matches and is available here http://www.hampshireprepared.3dvp.co.uk/birthday_surprise/ (you might like to leave out pages 14-17).

Buttons also likes to teach the children his rhyme so that they can go home and teach it to their grown-ups:


Matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much.

Also available below are:

  • A presentation about fire engines and some of the equipment that firefighters use
  • Colouring and information sheets

Please do share the links with your families, especially if you are unable to access them in your setting

Further safety education materials and stories are available to download for free at Staywise

*source:  The Birthday Surprise is from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Link to Staywise: https://staywise.co.uk

StayWise Website

safety education materials and stories are available to download for free at Staywise

Hot And Cold Flashcards

A set of flashcards for you to download and print – you may need to set your printer to “fit to page” before printing.

Hot And Cold Flashcards

Matches And Lighters Never Touch

A sheet to send home to parents / carers – the children can colour in the rhyme if they wish.

Matches And Lighters Never Touch

Smoke Alarms Info Sheet

Colouring sheet and information to send home to parents / carers about smoke alarms and how to contact the fire service if you need help to fit a smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarms Info Sheet

Escape Plan  Information

Information for parents / carers to ensure everyone knows how to get out of their home in the event of a fire.

Escape Plan   Information

Fire Engine Powerpoint Presentation

A powerpoint presentation showing the children some of the features of a fire engine.

Fire Engine Powerpoint Presentation