FiredUP 3 Day Courses

FiredUP 3 Day Courses

SkillZONE’s FiredUP 3 day programme aims to address the critical issue of community safety and behavior among young individuals, providing comprehensive interventions that foster change, empowerment, and resilience.

Program Objectives:

Education and Awareness: Through SkillZONE’s FiredUP programme, we emphasise the importance of fire safety education and raising awareness among participants. Through workshops, training sessions, and educational materials, individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of the dangers and consequences associated with fire and antisocial behaviour, empowering them to make informed choices.

Skill Development and Training: SkillZONE focuses on equipping individuals with essential life skills and vocational training opportunities to help participants develop social and emotional capabilities. By developing their skills and providing tangible pathways for employment or further education, participants gain a sense of purpose and self-worth, reducing the likelihood of developing antisocial behavior.

Mentorship and Support: The program offers mentorship programs where participants are paired with trained staff and volunteers who provide guidance, support, and positive role modeling. These relationships help individuals build strong support networks, enhancing their resilience and providing ongoing encouragement throughout their journey.

Community Engagement: SkillZONE actively engages with local communities, schools, and relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about community and personal safety and promote preventive measures to avoid accidents or harm. By collaborating with community organisations, the FiredUP programme fosters a holistic approach that involves families, educators, and community members in supporting individuals undergoing the training process.

Impact and Evaluation: FiredUP’s intervention and educational programme prioritise a long-term perspective on change, empowering participants to break the cycle of miseducation or those showing a fascination with playing with fire behavior and transform their lives positively. The impact of the programme will be evaluated through comprehensive monitoring and evaluation frameworks, including pre- and post-program assessments, qualitative feedback from participants, and long-term follow-ups. Success will be measured based on factors such as reduced incidents of firesetting, increased awareness of fire safety, road safety, 1st aid, improved social integration, and successful transition to education, training, or employment opportunities.

By providing tailored educational programmes, fostering empowerment and resilience, and creating meaningful pathways for change, this partnership aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by showing an interest in playing with fire behavior or poor unsafe choices. Through the combined efforts of dedicated professionals, volunteers, and community engagement, the program strives to create safer communities and empower individuals to build positive futures.

Young people between the ages of 8-18 can apply to take part in this rewarding training scheme, which not only gives them the chance to learn new personal and social skills, but also obtain a certificate of participation.

The programme is linked to the National Fire Cadet model, and is delivered by firefighters and volunteer staff.

FiredUP is designed to challenge and develop the participants by getting them to:

  • Work co-operatively within a team environment
  • Gain self-esteem and self-confidence and improve communication skills
  • Adopt a new set of personal values
  • Understand the importance of safety issues and the consequences of anti-social behaviour
  • Gain and insight into lifesaving 1st aid skills
  • Lear about road and passenger safety
  • See the advantages of improving their learning and performance

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