Five Steps to Wellbeing

2gether NHS Foundation Trust and SkillZONE have been working together to develop a scenario based on wellbeing and looking after our emotional health and this is now live.

The scenario teaches visitors the five steps to wellbeing, which are evidence-based steps that help us build confidence, self-esteem, good relationships and to feel happier. We know from the Online Pupil Survey and from what people tell us that their mental health and wellbeing is a real concern, so this will be a valuable scenario for schools to use.

The new scenario aims to build resilience skills and teach young people five things that they can do to look after their emotional wellbeing and can be selected by the schools visiting SkillZONE when they arrange their trip. It involves practical activities which will teach the young people about the five steps, and a resource box which the schools can borrow for a term.