Halloween Safety Tips

SkillZONE's Halloween Safety Information

Halloween is undoubtedly a fantastic and enjoyable time of the year, filled with creativity, costumes, and spooky fun. However, amidst the revelry, it’s crucial to remember a vital safety message, especially when it comes to wearing fancy dress costumes.

Many of these costumes can be highly flammable, and it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks. To ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween:

  1. Opt for costumes from reputable retailers.
  2. Look for the CE marking on costumes.
  3. Consider additional safety tests, such as BRC’s swing labels.
  4. Wear clothing underneath costumes for added protection.
  5. Use LED lights instead of real candles for a safer environment.
  6. Teach children the ‘stop, drop, and roll’ technique, which can be a lifesaver should their costume catch fire.

So, while Halloween is all about fun and games, let’s make sure it’s a safe and memorable experience for all.

Did you know, you also have access to some amazing free resources from StayWise?

Watch this KS1 video about how to Stop, Drop & Roll: Bitesize Video – Stop, Drop and Roll | StayWise

By clicking on the following link, you can download our Halloween safety education lesson plans and resources:

You can also print off this poster and spread fire safety awareness at this time of year: SkillZONE Halloween Safety Poster A4