PfA Booking

Preparation for Adulthood Booking

Before confirming your booking, please ensure that your read our bookings Terms and Conditions below:

Booking Terms and Conditions:

Lead Adult Accreditation: The Lead Adult for this programme must be accredited by SkillZONE to utilise our resources. To become an accredited school, teaching and learning staff must complete SkillZONE training in how to use the center and its resources and sign a Hire Agreement.

Training Sessions:

  • Session one: Delivered to relevant teaching staff/TA/LSW, lasting approximately 2 hours. This session includes a full overview of all materials/props to be used, available toolkits, and locking/unlocking procedures.
  • Session two: Delivered with students to begin developing understanding of how the sessions will work in practical terms and ensure newly trained staff feel confident to use SkillZONE.
  • Session three: Competency sign-off from SkillZONE with free use to hire the SkillZONE center thereafter.

Student Suitability: This programme offers maximum benefit to Year 9 and Post 16 students, however, interventions can start as early as year 7.

Inclusivity: Sessions are not exclusively for young people with EHCP. However, we recommend that young people with SEND, who can benefit most from experiential learning, participate in this course.

Risk Assessments and Staff Ratios: Schools are responsible for ensuring that their staff are DBS checked and a full risk assessment has been carried out for your journey to us. SkillZONE can provide full risk assessments of our centre and the use of our resources. It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that their group/staff ratio reflects the needs of their students, as SkillZONE bears no responsibility for group behavior or management once you enter our premises.

Breakage or Damage to SkillZONE Resources: Prior to your visit, we may ask for a copy of the school’s Public Liability Insurance. Schools will be responsible for paying for any repairs needed as a result of damage sustained during your visit. Any damage to any of SkillZONE’s resources must be reported straight away to Failure to disclose damages may result in further sessions being canceled.

Food & Drink: No food or drink is permitted within the SkillZONE village. If food is consumed in the Briefing room, staff are expected to take all rubbish when they leave.

Session Duration: Bookings must consist of 6 consecutive sessions. Schools are allowed to enter SkillZONE from 13:00 and have use of the center until 15:00 (we envisage that most schools will leave the center by 14:30 in order to get back for school pick-up). The center must be left as you found it.

Fair Booking Policy: To ensure fairness to all settings, each setting is entitled to book one block of 6 sessions for their SEND student cohort. If additional sessions are required, please contact:

Cancellation Policy: Session cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Settings that cancel more than one session may have their remaining sessions canceled, and their slots may be allocated to another educational setting.

Select your session dates from the PfA Booking Calendar below. You will need to block book SIX sessions before you can confirm your booking.