Large Project Support

SkillZONE aim to stay ahead of the curve and rather than being reactive to socio-economic changes, we strive to be proactive. Working with our partners, we are best placed to spot changes and trends which could have knock-on affect on our community. Staying ahead means adapting our educational messages. As a result, SkillZONE are embarking on some new, exciting projects which have the potential to transform lives for the better. We are looking for supporters for the following projects:

  1. WaterZONE redevelopment

If you’re passionate about water recreation and safety, this investment could be for you! The overall redevelopment is set to cost just shy of £80000! So we have decided to split things up.

Part 2 – Deep Water, Cold Water Shock & Trespass – Approx. £6450 + instillation 

The plan will be as follows:

Quarries and Deep Water

The children enter a stone wall tunnel depictive of an old quarry. The introduction graphic outlines that old quarries are deep holes where stone has been removed for building materials and they often fill with water. (Press the button to reveal a water infinity box that goes on forever.)

Quarries are not usually open to the public and to get near to the quarries you will have been trespassing.
We point out what this means. You really do find deep water in all the places we have discussed (Reservoirs, Lakes, Rivers and Canals).
– We ask the question why do you think deep water in Quarries can be dangerous?
– Well there is something that kills several people in this country every year do you know what it is.

Imagine it’s a hot day, the sun is shining and the water feels really warm on the – surface.
You are hot; you might feel like jumping into a lake or quarry. Well it might be warm on the surface but the deep water is very cold because the sun doesn’t heat it up further down.

We introduce the Temperature model set into the stone wall. Each child in turn touches the top of the surface plate and
then the bottom of the surface plate to indicate the difference.

Cold Water Shock
The Cold Water Shock graphic explains how the cold shock of jumping in can make breathing difficult. You can start to gasp. Your heart rate increases. Your body quickly cools and the blood leaves your arms and legs. The Muscles in your arms and legs become week as you as they loose oxygen when you try to swim, making it very hard to stay on the surface. Panic sets in.


2. NetZONE & Wellbeing Upgrade – approx. £10000

In order to support our young people physically, digitally and mentally, we are looking to redevelop our NetZONE and Wellbeing ZONE to reflect changing times. Rather than being too focused on tec engagement, SkillZONE would like to introduce a more interactive, philosophical approach to our safety messaging, following suit of Warning ZONE, another Safety Centre in Leicestershire.

By transforming this space into a circus full of interactive, thought provoking games to explore, we hope to ensure that children and young people are at the centre of their learning journey.


If you wish to make a meaningful contribution to support the sustainability of SkillZONE Safety Centre, we welcome your generosity. By completing the form below, you can take the first step in joining us on our mission to promote safety, reduce accidents, and empower our community. Alternatively, please email

Your support, whether through donations or other forms of contribution, plays a vital role in making our community safer. Together, we can educate and protect lives, ensuring a safer tomorrow for all.

Thank you for choosing to be part of our safety-conscious community. Your involvement makes a real impact.