Medium project support

SkillZONE aim to stay ahead of the curve and rather than being reactive to socio-economic changes, we strive to be proactive. Working with our partners, we are best placed to spot changes and trends which could have knock-on affect on our community. Staying ahead means adapting our educational messages. As a result, SkillZONE are embarking on some new, exciting projects which have the potential to transform lives for the better. We are looking for supporters for the following projects:


  1. Ronnie SkillZONE’s Stay-Safe-A-Tron on the side of our building – £1167.58

Ronnie is a hugely important part of what we do at SkillZONE, he is our mascot and a figurehead for safety that the children of Gloucestershire have come to know and love. One of SkillZONE’s biggest issues is groups and organisation not knowing what we do inside our big grey building (did you?). By proudly putting Ronnie of the building, we will be able to create a sense of fun, intrigue and create the idea that inside is something for young people to enjoy. After 11 years, it’s time that Ronnie stood proudly by our logo!


2. SkillZONE Logoed Gazebo £1,572.04

The SkillZONE team do a lot of shows, and having a canopy where people can easily spot us and come to gather vital safety information id key. Supporting this purchase would make a significant difference to out community outreach and organisation identity.


3. Knife of your Life alleyway upgrade – Approx. £4966

This is a very exciting collaboration project and one we feel is a must for the education of young vulnerable youths in Gloucestershire. Working with Fresh Air Foundations, SkillZONE champions transformative change through mix media. We would like to redevelop our AlleyZONE and delve deeper into the issues surrounding antisocial behaviour and youth violence. This project will be used to target young people identified as “at risk” and form part of our Early Intervention programmes.


4. WaterZONE redevelopment

If you’re passionate about water recreation and safety, this investment could be for you! The overall redevelopment is set to cost just shy of £80000! So we have decided to split things up.

Part 1 – PlasticZONE –  approx. £4800 + installation

Interactive 1. What is the problem? – The Dangers of Plastics.
After the fun packed surroundings of the beach, we introduce the children to the dangers of plastic pollution in our rivers, lakes, canals, and the sea.

Large graphics showing plastic pollution form the backdrop of three simple interactives.
Interactive 1. A graphic panel shows the problems of Litter in the sea and the dangers to the environment. 3-d Buckets filled with sand contain messages about cleaning up the beach, the letters are hung up by the children and create the word ‘litter’. We point out how to get involved with cleaning up the mess.

Interactive 2. Dangers. Environment, Wildlife, Food chain.

A microbead (marble) originated from toothpaste is dropped into the 3-d house and travels into the water course, finally popping up into a fish’s mouth, which ends up on your plate for tea! This is demonstrating the message of how plastic can enter the food chain. This highlights the common everyday causes of plastics pollution entering our watercourses.

Interactive 3. How can I help? Recycling wall.

We ask the question to the children; What should we do with our plastic? We show the process of recycling and discover what recycled plastic can be turned into. 3-d printed items are revealed in the wall and the children are asked to guess which item is made from re-cycled fishing nets, which item is made from plastic bottles or which items are made from other discarded waste? The underlying message here is to help protect the environment from danger by understanding you can make a positive difference.


5. Knife or your Life interactive board – approx. £4450

This innovative interactive knife valance information board will be specifically used to target youth violence and antisocial behaviour here in Gloucestershire. We will also be used this board for targeted interventions aimed at those highlighted as “at risk”.


6. Trespass ZONE – Approx. £5800.00 + effect finishing 

Redevelopment of SkillZONE

Trespass, within the SkillZONE Safety Centre, is envisioned as a dynamic and engaging learning space for children and young people in Gloucestershire. Its primary objective is to provide a unique and immersive educational experience outside of the formal classroom setting. Trespass aims to educate participants about the real-life consequences of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on their lives, convictions, their loved ones, and the broader community. This innovative early intervention initiative leverages a derelict building concept, creatively showcasing multiple hazards and risks associated with ASB, including fire play, homelessness, trespassing, youth violence, and various fire hazards.


7. Gas safety message – Flame effect for the HouseZONE – approx. £1584

Teaching young people about the dangers in the home is one of our core specialisms. Part of this learning is an opportunity to talk about gas safety. We would like to install an interactive element within our House kitchen with a flame effect. The funding for this project will cover the costs of the supply and modification a new gas cooker so one of the front burners appears to be ignited with a blue flame. This will be switched on with the usual knob for the gas flame.
After a time of safe blue flame the flame will turn orange. The flame is then extinguished by turning the knob to the off position. The effect will then reset ready for the next demonstration


8. 3000 Educational Activity Books – approx. £1450

With over 6,000 school aged children visiting SkillZONE every year, we aim to provide them all with extended learning opportunities through our large activity book. Having a helping hand in the printing costs means that we are able to provide resources to more children across Gloucestershire and help educate about the importance of understanding risk and consequence in order to make the safest choices.

If you wish to make a meaningful contribution to support the sustainability of SkillZONE Safety Centre, we welcome your generosity. By completing the form below, you can take the first step in joining us on our mission to promote safety, reduce accidents, and empower our community. Alternatively, please email

Your support, whether through donations or other forms of contribution, plays a vital role in making our community safer. Together, we can educate and protect lives, ensuring a safer tomorrow for all.

Thank you for choosing to be part of our safety-conscious community. Your involvement makes a real impact.