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Early Years, Reception & KS1

A SkillZONE visit is not suitable for pre-school age children, and is not always suitable for reception classes – particularly in the first half of the academic year when many in the class are still under 5 years.

We are pleased that we are now able to resume visits to FS and KS1 classes and preschools in the Gloucestershire County Council area.  Nurseries which will be open during the summer holidays are asked please to request a visit from outside of term time (ie, from 26th July).

For the time being we will hold our visits outside not in the classrooms.  We will need somewhere safe to park the fire engine, where it is also safe for the children to be gathered. If this is not possible, then we can offer the session virtually via a Microsoft Teams meeting.

If you would like to request a visit or a virtual session, or have any questions, please get in touch.

Downloadable learning materials and a PowerPoint presentation can be accessed by clicking here for Early Years or here for Key Stage 1 resources  

Nationally produced education materials and activities for all key stages are also available from the Staywise website

Best wishes

Louise and Chris, Early Years Education Team