Early Years, Reception and KS1

Bonfire Safety
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Resources for Early Years
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Resources for Key Stage 1 –  KS1
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Early Years, Reception & KS1

A SkillZONE visit is not suitable for pre-school age children, Reception and Year 1 classes.

We are sorry, but the education team are no longer able to offer visits to early years settings or schools.  We have created some free downloads for you to use in your nursery, playgroup or classroom.  These can be accessed here – Early Years resources

Downloadable learning materials and a PowerPoint presentation can be accessed by clicking here for Early Years or here for Key Stage 1 resources  

Nationally produced education materials and activities for all key stages are also available from the Staywise website

In some circumstances, your local fire station may be able to arrange a visit.  To get in touch with your local station, please email your request to fire@glosfire.gov.uk.  Please note that as our crews are fully operational, we cannot guarantee attendance – but if they are able to help they will be in touch with you directly.


Are you requesting attendance at a careers event or school fete? Please email fire@glosfire.gov.uk.

Scout / guide groups, etc: please contact skillzone@glosfire.gov.uk with your request