Preparation for Adulthood Programme

What is the Preparation for Adulthood Programme?

SkillZONE’s safety Centre provides the ideal, secure, and low-stimulus environment for young people to practice essential life skills such as shopping or using public transport. This controlled setting offers a unique opportunity for teaching staff, who know the needs and abilities of their students so well, to guide them in achieving meaningful targets outlined in their Education, Health, and Care (EHC) plans. With a focus on practical scenarios, SkillZONE empowers both educators and students, fostering a hands-on learning experience that aligns seamlessly with individualised development goals, creating a pathway towards greater independence and confidence in navigating real-world challenges.

Why is it needed?

The PfA programme is meticulously crafted to prepare young individuals for the transition into adulthood through a comprehensive approach. Central to their learning journey, young people are granted autonomy to delineate meaningful objectives within their Educational Health Care plans. These personalised objectives carry profound significance for each individual, instilling a vested interest in their own success. Through the utilisation of practical learning experiences, educational settings have an optimal chance to integrate knowledge and instigate positive change as part of SkillZONE’s extensive programme.

Moreover, this programme provides an excellent opportunity for both mainstream and specialist settings to showcase participant involvement, engagement, and new knowledge. This, in turn, enhances the EHC plan review process, making it more meaningful and impactful.

How will the programme work?

SkillZONE will facilitate training sessions throughout the year, inviting responsible adults from each educational setting to learn how to effectively utilise the SkillZONE safety center and its exceptional resources. This approach ensures that schools can easily book and access the center without barriers. The trained teaching staff will be well-versed in utilising each scenario within the “Village” to maximise its potential in preparing young people for adult life. Simply book, turn up, use your pass key to access the centre and off you go!

Within each scenario, a Teachers’ Toolkit will be available to offer support and guidance, aiding in best practices and facilitating evidence gathering for EHC plan reviews. SkillZONE’s collaboration with partners and agencies, such as GWR’s “Try a Train” scheme and Gloucestershire County Council’s Travel Enablement Team, enables the accumulation of new knowledge for every young person.

Additionally, SkillZONE will host an annual job fair, providing valuable access and new opportunities for the next phase in a young person’s life.

How do I book?

Sessions will be offered twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm. We suggest each setting consider receiving six sessions, but if additional sessions are needed, please inform us.

Please use the calendar below to view our availability.  Dates / times in Green are available to book.
If you are interested in an evening session or a session during the school holidays please contact us at Subsequently, information from the SkillZONE team will be sent out for your reference.