Small Helping hands

At SkillZONE, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest youth trends and continuously adapting to meet the needs of our audience. As part of this effort, we have several small projects in the pipeline. If you can contribute your support, whether by volunteering your expertise, donating resources, or providing funding, you can play a significant role in ensuring the sustainability of our community safety center.

Thinking about volunteering your time, experience or resources, please get in touch today! 

Otherwise, here are some projects we need a little helping hand with:

  1. Foamex Ronnie the Stay-Safe-A-Tron – £133.87 each (we need 4 in total)


Since SkillZONE opened in 2012, Ronnie has been updated and we need to replace our tired carboard cut-out Ronnies. Why do we need them? Well, Ronnie is a huge hit with our younger groups. he makes our space friendly and supports many of the resources that we send out to schools and educational groups post their visit.


2. SkillZONE promotional banner – £142.80

SkillZONE Safety Team often attend family events and shows to maximise our safety education message. Letting people know what we do, how they can book and given them an idea of what they can expect from their visit, is an opportunity we cannot miss. Having promotional materials which are eye catching and on brand are really important. Your support in the purchase of a roller banner could make a significant difference to our outreach.


3. SkillZONE promotional flyer – £82.07 for 5000 single sided flyers OR £102.77 for 5000 double sided flyers

Help us spread our vital educational message contribute to the reduction in preventable accidents at home and within the community. A donation of flyer will enable us to target specific intervention and prevention messages like E-charging, vapes and testing smoke alarms.


4. SkillZONE stickers – £196.80 for 4800 rectangular stickers

Children love a sticker! and it’s a really simple way of rewarding successes with a sense of pride. We would like to offer stickers to young people who prove to be ambassadors for their community and have learned the value and importance of safety messages.


5. Printing of new workbooks – £262.25 for 500 (we welcome over 6000 school aged young people to SkillZONE every year).

As an education centre, engaging with groups post visit is vital to the resilience of our safety messages. Every child receives an activity booklet after their trip and this comes at a significant cost. However, one safety message learned has the power to save a life.


6. Knife crime reduction posters – £160 (we need 4).

SkillZONE are working with local artists and creatives who actively support tackling youth violence and antisocial behaviour. We would like to commission 4 posters to be designed and printed so that they can be displayed in our Custody Suite, Magistrates Court and in other key areas of the centre.


7. Road Safety Billboard update – approx. £800

Road safety is part of our core messaging at SkillZONE. Children and young people explore the centre with their eyes and thoughts as much as they do with the verbal information. Through subliminal messaging and creative media, we can target safety messages that have impact. The redevelopment of our billboard gives SkillZONE the opportunity to address relevant issues facing young people.


8. SkillZONE promotional flag – £268

Having promotional materials which are eye catching and on brand are really important. Your support in the purchase of a large promotional flag could make a significant difference to our outreach.


If you wish to make a meaningful contribution to support the sustainability of SkillZONE Safety Centre, we welcome your generosity. By completing the form below, you can take the first step in joining us on our mission to promote safety, reduce accidents, and empower our community. Alternatively, please email

Your support, whether through donations or other forms of contribution, plays a vital role in making our community safer. Together, we can educate and protect lives, ensuring a safer tomorrow for all.

Thank you for choosing to be part of our safety-conscious community. Your involvement makes a real impact.