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Watch out for cows on the Common

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Cows make their annual return around the Minchihampton and Rodborough Commons today.

To mark this SkillZONE will give out a cow colouring competition to remind drivers to take care.

Last year, 12 cattle died in collisions with motor vehicles, a significant increase from 9 the year before. Each of these collisions involved not only the death of a cow, but the driver and passengers involved in the collision are put at risk of a serious injury.

Around 500 local cattle are expected to appear in the commons on Tuesday 13th May, known as marking day.

Gloucestershire County Council and the Police are reminding people to drive carefully around these areas. Posters have been designed by a working group and will be put up at the gateways to the commons to warn motorists of the upcoming release of cattle.

To help remind local people of the dangers, school children in the area will also be taking part in a colouring/ design competition to dress a cow.

Schools visiting Gloucester safety education centre, SkillZONE will be given out the coloring sheets during their trip.

Bill Powell is a local farmer whose cattle are released onto the commons every year.

He said: “It seems odd to some people to see cattle on unfenced properties, but grazing is the best way to keep the commons in good condition for everyone’s benefit.

“Last year saw the highest number of cattle deaths for a long time and we are all doing our best to keep these accidents to an absolute minimum. We are caring people and don’t want to see cattle killed or injured – or put drivers at risk. We have tried various schemes to keep cattle safe and alert drivers over the years and will continue to work with the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership in the interests of everyone’s safety.”

To download a picture of daisy the cow to enter the competition click here. For more information visit the Road Safety Partnership page.

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