Bus Safety

Based on a real double decker bus, visitors will board the bus and find a seat. But even before they get on the bus, the learning will start. Young visitors will be introduced to bus timetables and taught to wait for passengers to get off first. They will also be given advice on the correct behaviour on a bus, for example not distracting the driver or causing a disturbance to other passengers. You will also learn about where to sit if they feel unsafe and perhaps most important of all, once off the bus, the importance of waiting until the bus has gone before crossing the road. For older visitors this scenario offers the chance to learn about safe travel on a bus and building confidence. Having the right fare, where to get a pass, ringing the bell and what to do if you miss your stop will also be included in this scenario.  

Top Tips

Be at the bus stop early Wait for the bus in a safe place - away from the road Sit down as soon as possible - there may be other people waiting to get on Leave the bus carefully, using the handrail  

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Road Safety


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