Electricity sub station

A purpose built substation where visitors will look at the dangers posed by going inside the substation. They will be faced with situations that might tempt them to chance it and the consequences of doing this. The scenario will be enhanced by audio noises of high voltage electricity running through the station and sparks.

Top tips

Most substations are surrounded by tall fences marked with bright signs, though some in rural areas are indoors
The signs on the fences note the danger in the substation and forbid access to unauthorised personnel. If a child’s kite, ball or other toy is accidentally lost in a substation area, do not retrieve it yourself
Call the electric company associated with the substation and ask them to help you to retrieve the belonging
Do not touch or climb fences near substations, and never attempt to retrieve an object using a pole or net. If the pole is made of metal or is even slightly damp, it can conduct electricity found in a rogue charge