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World Book Day celebrated at centre

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The King’s School based in Gloucester celebrated World Book Day by dressing as  their favourite book characters for their visit to SkillZONE this morning.

Twenty children aged 8 and 9 years learnt about safety in the; road, home, fire, water, building site/electricity, rail, park and bus scenarios.

Following their tour Gloucestershire’s new Chief Fire Officer Stewart Edgar was on hand to judge the best costume.

Gregory who dressed as Dennis the Menace was presented with a £10 book voucher as his prize and all the children got book erasers in their goody bags.

SkillZONE Manager Donna Potts says; “We would like to make the link between enjoying the wonderful adventures in a book and learning about safety at SkillZONE so they can lead an active and adventurous real life.

“We often talk about distraction as well so we will try to remind them that they can lose themselves in a story but must concentrate on safety when they are near roads or doing something at home.”


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